Care Performance Model (ZPM)

With effect from January 2022 there will be a new funding system for mental healthcare: the care performance model. This means that rates are determined depending on the setting, the treating discipline, the type of consultation and the duration. The POLARIS psychologists fall under the quality statute section II. There are two types of consultations: diagnosis (intake and consultation) and treatment.
To be eligible for reimbursement of the treatment, you must have a DSM-5 disorder. The treatment of the following complaints/problems is not reimbursed from the basic package: burnout, relationship problems and adjustment disorders. Treatment is possible in these cases, but a separate rate applies.

Care Demand Typing

Part of the ZPM is the type of care demand. Based on the intake, the psychologist fills in a questionnaire in which the care demand and problems are determined. This leads to a type of care demand in the form of a code. In 2022 and 2023, this code must be stated on the invoice, but has no further influence on the rate of the treatment and/or the care provided.

Specialist GGZ and Basic GGZ

Treatment can take place in Specialist GGZ (SGGZ) or Basic GGZ (BGGZ). This depends on the referral and the request for help. The rates are the same, but for BGGZ the number of sessions is limited.


To be eligible for reimbursement, you need a referral letter from your GP.
The psychologists at POLARIS work without contracts with health insurers. You agree with your psychologist whether you will receive an invoice per session or per month. You must submit the invoice to the health insurer yourself. Depending on your health insurance policy, you will be reimbursed 50-100%. Please check with your health insurance in advance. You are responsible for timely payment to us. The deductible (385 or higher) applies to treatment in the GGZ per calendar year.

Self payers

If you wish, it is possible to pay for the treatment yourself. This means that no information is sent to the health insurer. The rates are equal to the rates for insured care (and exempt from VAT).
Below are the most common types of consultations within POLARIS and the associated rates. An intake interview (diagnosis) lasts 60 minutes, a therapy session (treatment) lasts 45 minutes, unless otherwise agreed with you. This concerns the direct time (duration of the conversation), the indirect time for reporting, etc. is included in this rate. We use the (maximum) rates of the NZa. For a complete overview see: care performance

Clinical psychologist

Diagnostics 60 minutes:  216.23
Treatment 45 minutes: 159.85
Treatment 75 minutes: 232.32


Diagnostics 60 minutes: 163.37
Treatment 45 minutes: 120.99
Treatment 75 minutes: 176.88


Short peer consultation: 22.18
Consultation not basic package care: 117.33

No show

Appointments can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance, after which 45 euros will be charged. The costs of a no show are not reimbursed by the health insurer.