Treatment methods

We offer cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR and schema therapy in our practice. These are treatment methods whose effectiveness has been demonstrated in scientific research. Treatment can also consist of a combination of these therapies.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) uses ideas and behavior as starting points for changing feelings. CBT is a treatment based on experiential learning: by thinking together and, above all, trying things out, it is investigated how expected events sometimes deviate from actual events. In this way, more freedom of action is created and negative views about yourself, others and the world are nuanced.


EMDR is a therapy for people who continue to suffer from the consequences of a traumatic experience or major event. This can be a shocking experience, such as a traffic accident or violent crime. EMDR can also be used for other experiences that have had a significant impact on the development of a person’s life, such as being bullied or a situation that provokes a lot of shame.

Schema therapy

Schema therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps you understand and change the origins of behavioral patterns. The influence of childhood experiences on your patterns and daily life is investigated. Schema therapy helps you to recognize obstructive patterns and to make adjustments where necessary. You learn to feel what your needs are and you learn to stand up for them in a healthy way.